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European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)

Website: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

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Telephone: +359 88 538 0057 +359 88 504 8519

Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Poland,Belgium,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Lithuania,Latvia and other countries on request.

About European Auction Car Service:

Why should you contact the company?

We purchase cars in the name of the client from auctions in three categories:

Probefahrt – are test-drive cars from official dealers in Europe with a range of up to 8,000 kilometers.

Leased – used cars that are put up for auction minus payments from the lessee with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Werbung – are cars pasted over with advertising banners of an official dealer, which cost 1-2 years on advertising sites. Runs do not exceed 1-5 thousand km.

Cars in these three categories are sold 25% cheaper than the European market, in addition, the VAT refund is 19%, which gives us a total difference of 44% depending on the country of purchase of the car. Delivery to 28 countries. The possibility of online registration. Installment plan for 2 years.

74 thoughts on “European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euauservice reviews)”

  1. The complete set of cars from Europe and the prices obviously win compared to those that can be bought from us in El Ain in United Arab Emirates

  2. I liked everything very much – everything is clear, all managers are in touch, everything is transparent about payments. No deficiencies were found. I picked up the car myself from a container ship in the port of Casablanca in Morocco. Satisfied with the condition, no complaints.

  3. I bought a car in Europe through the European Auction Car Service. Last week, he picked up Jebel Ali at the port. Yesterday drove to him in Sharjah. Everything is fine, the car arrived well. The next car will be purchased again through the company.

  4. They work specifically for the client, according to my clear requirements for the car. From myself, I can safely recommend European Auction Car Service.

  5. Many thanks to you and your team for a great job and car. BMW M8 I received three days ago and registered.

  6. I am very satisfied with my first experience of buying a car from an auction, when the time comes to change the car, I know where to turn to.

  7. If among friends and acquaintances there appears a person who wants to buy a car from Europe, I know that I can recommend European Auction Car Service. Thank you so much for the quality work done, success to your business

  8. The contract was signed on January 14, the car was received in Riyadh on January 28. The price specified in the contract remained unchanged. I am satisfied with the car, mileage, condition, everything is super.

  9. With regards to the work of the company, everything was done without overlays, the initial prices that I saw on the site in the calculator were accurate. In the end, I paid exactly this amount.

  10. Hello, we signed a contract with the European Auction Car Service, paid an advance, won the auction. 14 days and the car was already in the port of Kuwait

  11. I would like to express my gratitude to European Auction Car Service for purchasing a Mercedes-Benz GLS600 car for me and my family.

  12. The car was bought 1 hour after the transfer of the advance and the signing of the contract, exactly the configuration and color that was needed. In two weeks, a container ship delivered my car to the port of Jebel Ali.

  13. I am very glad that I used the services of the European Auction Car Service, everything is fast, clear and without deception! I will recommend the company to all my acquaintances and friends who want to buy a good car! THANKS A LOT!!!

  14. Hello!
    Another brief review of the company
    01.01. contract signed
    05.01 car bought
    06.01 the car arrived at the port of departure, a photo report was received
    14.01 the car arrived at the port of Jeddah
    15.01 the car is cleared from the customs, the documents are received
    16.01 I picked up the car personally
    Thanks to the whole team for the quality performance of their duties.

  15. We decided to try. We signed a contract, paid an advance and began to place bets. After about 3 days, the bet played. Now I have been driving for a month, I can say I am very pleased with the price and condition of the car.

  16. Hello everybody. I purchased a Mercedes-Benz GLS63 with the help of European Auction Car Service.
    I am quite satisfied with the work of the company. They did everything I asked them to. Everything was done quickly and professionally. You can safely cooperate with this company.

  17. I want to thank the whole team. Professionals work, everything is honest and transparent! To everyone who doubts, discard all doubts and choose the European Auction Car Service (tested on yourself). I will be buying my next car through them.

  18. Hello everyone, I received a car bought together with the European Auction Car Service. The company has the lowest output value among many other similar companies.

  19. Another report on the purchased car. Land Rover Range Rover 2020 4.4. Everything is super! Especially the cost of the car)). Thank you.

  20. It’s been a month since I received my car. For those who doubt the choice of an agent company – DON’T HESITATE! I have only positive impressions from the work.

  21. I want to thank the company for the assistance provided in purchasing a car, for your honesty, decency, responsiveness and professionalism in your business.

  22. Bought a car from an auction in Europe with the help of professionals without leaving home. There were worries and doubts whether they would be deceived, since there is a negative experience of close people of cooperation with another company. But I will say that everything went well, I’m happy with the car.

  23. I would like to be notified in advance of arrival. But otherwise, the whole purchase process went well and without problems. THANK YOU, I will recommend it to everyone!

  24. After payment, the car was ready for transfer at the port of Casablanca in Morocco. Mercedes-Benz S650 is happy, super for the city.

  25. The purchase was completely online, I really liked it! Bought a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. In the UAE, the port of Jebel Ali was delivered in two weeks, the car was picked up there.

  26. Hi all! I bought an Audi RSQ8 2022 4.0 Petrol, fully equipped! In Saudi Arabia, in Mecca, the car sailed within two weeks, as it was written in the contract. Thanks for the car!

  27. happy with Ashina, happy with the work of the guys. I will order again sometime – only from them!
    I wish the company development, prosperity, more good customers!

  28. Hi all! Once again, the work was done perfectly, which I’m already used to)))) thanks to all the employees of the European Auction Car Service !!!

  29. I signed the contract and immediately made the first money to start work. Since I monitored statistics for a long time, I knew roughly what I wanted and how much it cost. My bet played on a car that did not initially fall into the budget. Won a Mercedes-Benz G63 with 13.627km.

  30. I transferred only 30% of the advance payment, the rest of the amount upon loading the car onto the ship and sending it to the port of Jebel Ali.

  31. I was looking for companies to deliver cars from European auctions. Couldn’t find good conditions anywhere. Ordered here a Mercedes-Benz G63,2022,4.0 Benzin from 2.650km.130.000€.. The contract is clear and understandable. Got it done in two weeks.

  32. Everything went well. We received the car. Transfers were made using a crypto-exchange, paid with USDT cryptocurrency.

  33. If you still decide to buy a car from an auction, then be patient. The delivery time of the car depends on many factors. This is where the auction is played, and what port it ended up in and yes, even from weather conditions. Although according to my contract, the delivery time was not violated. Like the company!

  34. This company is just an intermediary, and it only helped us deliver the car. Thanks guys for a job well done! The purchase is 100% satisfied.

  35. Bought at auction Mercedes-Benz GLS600 with 1898km mileage. The final price with the purchase, delivery and auction fee was 125,000 thousand.

  36. Hello, I also bought and delivered a car through this company. At the end of January 28 signed a contract February 16 bought a car at an auction in Europe, March 4 cars were waiting for me in the port of Jeddah. When I picked up the car, I immediately realized that the quality of cars in Europe is much higher than we have in Saudi Arabia

  37. I was brought LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT in 2 weeks to the port of Jeddah – without a run in Saudi Arabia. 135000€ for a run of 2.890KM.. I signed the contract remotely, paid the advance, I also want to add that I transferred the entire amount for the car only when my car was in the port and was waiting for loading onto the ship, at that moment I paid the remaining amount!

  38. I have been riding a new car for a couple of months now and I conclude that the car is in excellent condition, there are no complaints from either a technical or functional point of view. In general, satisfied with the purchase.

  39. Overlays did not happen and everything was brought in the best possible way, without damage. I have been driving eMERCEDES-BENZ S500 for 2 months already, no problems.

  40. We signed a contract, I sent an advance payment and the auction began. After 5 days, we bought a car at auction. Delivered to the port of Jeddah in two weeks.

  41. It took about 3 weeks to purchase and ship from the moment I contacted them. For me, this is not much, I was preparing to wait more. I am happy with the car I received!

  42. I will be taking my next car through them. The cost of the car is adequate, the condition and mileage of the cars are also pleasing!

  43. I sent them a contract with my signature remotely, bought a car in my name! I made the payment in USDT cryptocurrency, saved quite a lot with the help of the company!

  44. In the contract, the delivery time was prescribed 15 days, there were no delays! Super car bought BMW X5 2021 3.0

  45. Thanks for the car. Auction list score 4, full compliance with the request, mileage only 5,000 km. Looks like new inside and out. Checked – the paint is completely factory, the car is not broken.

  46. Hi all! I also signed a contract with the company in early February. And in mid-February, he became the proud owner of a BMW X7 for 75,000 €

  47. Thank you for helping us deliver the car. I advise you to contact the company, and not test your nerves and time in other companies !!!

  48. I thank the manager and the European Auction Car Service for their help in purchasing a car. Previously had the experience of buying from auctions, everything was fine in this company. Mercedes-Benz G63,2021,4.0 bought for 79.000€
    P.S. the car is in perfect condition!

  49. I liked working with the company. Managers know their business very well, in touch 24/7. It’s always nice to see such customer focused companies! The car is great, everyone is happy!

  50. As usual, I order my cars in this company! This time, according to my order, they brought a Mercedes-Benz S580. Everything went well, the car is registered.
    I recommend! I signed a contract remotely and paid for my car with a SWIFT transfer.

  51. From the moment the contract was concluded to the receipt of the car, 15 days passed, as for me, the time frame is adequate. I paid only 30% of the cost of the car, I paid the rest of the car as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship.

  52. Serious company. Bought a second car. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car! I recommend…

  53. I bought a Porsche Panamera, 2.9 in April through the European Auction Car Service. Everything is very organized, according to a predetermined plan.
    The car arrived quickly, in about 15 days. I received photos of loading, parking at customs. After receiving the car and documents, I was glad to receive the car.

  54. Bought a 2020 Mercedes-Benz S450 in March. The company delivered the car on time! I paid for the car in 2 stages – the first advance payment and the second final payment before loading onto the ship and sending.

  55. This morning I received my BMW IX 2023 ELEKTRO mileage 1.300KM bought from her for 47 thousand euros!
    Fast, convenient, honest way to buy a good car.

  56. Thank you so much for delivering my Mercedes S222 from Europe to Abu Dhabi. It’s been 15 days since the purchase, I can’t get enough of everything.

  57. We quickly bought a car at an auction and within 2 weeks the car was already in my hands. Brought by container ship, everything was done by the company! I recommend the company!

  58. Bought a car through this company. Satisfied with the car. The employees are qualified. I recommend to everyone!!!

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