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Logistictrans.avto Reviews


Tel.: +781240995223

Address: Minsk, st. Oktyabrskaya, 12/a-8

About company:

Cars from auctions and from dealers: from Japan from the USA from Korea from the Emirates (Dubai) from the Vladivostok

3 thoughts on “Logistictrans.avto Reviews”

  1. I do not advise this broker at all, he stupidly throws people, does not withdraw money and just bans accounts when you start winning. Exactly a week ago, I put $60 on withdrawal and now they write to me every day that they will withdraw soon, wait! Worst and worst broker ever! You can see a lot of such reviews!

  2. One of the MOST creepy brokers on Earth. Basically, you can never win. Regardless of your experience and knowledge. They play against you, manipulate the schedule, it’s like a trap. Do not trade with them!

  3. sucks. After you place a withdrawal request, you think you will receive them within 3 days as indicated – on time. But on the third day, they will reject your withdrawal request and say that you cannot withdraw money when there is a trade. They want the client to close all trades and wait three days without trading, and then we withdraw the money. lol but they never refunded the money. sucks

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