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AliKassa  Review


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About company:

AliKassa is an aggregator of electronic payment systems launched in 2020. It works with both individuals and legal entities. Provides its services in all countries. Allows you to accept payments on websites using bank cards, mobile payments, electronic wallets (Qiwi and PayPal). And also in cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC). AliKassa charges a commission of 3% or more for its services. With an increase in the volume of settlements, the interest rate decreases.

3 thoughts on “AliKassa  Review”

  1. Just yesterday I created a wallet on ALIKASSA WALLET, for the sake of curiosity. When I got into my personal account and looked at what this EPS can offer me, I was very disappointed. I understand that the service is young, but you need to try somehow, otherwise it will be difficult to compete with other, more well-known analogues. ALIKASSA has very few ways to replenish – you can replenish your wallet only with a bank card and that’s it!

  2. I was amazed too! Why not initially expand the list of replenishment methods ??? What if I don’t have a credit card, what should I do? When I asked this question to the support operator, he guaranteed that different options would be added in the near future. Let’s hope so!! It’s good that at least they made the conclusion more diverse. I have almost every wallet I know in my arsenal.

  3. I applied to this company, but they refused to provide me with acquiring services! The reason was that the project seemed to them of dubious quality. I provided all the necessary documents, explained the nuances, but could not convince them. I turned to betatransfer-merchant, but they did not refuse. Picked up good conditions on an individual basis.

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