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Axe Asset  Review


Telephone: [email protected]

Address: 651 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203, USA

About company:

The most reliable and secure crypto wallet
Buying, Storing, Viewing Prices, Trading and Earning Cryptocurrencies, which is why 1M+ people use the AX Wallet
Trade instantly
Without forms and selfies. Exchange and trade crypto anytime.
Do you want to buy bitcoin? Exchange Ethereum (ETH) for USDT? No problem.

3 thoughts on “Axe Asset  Review”

  1. I got a damn dermis on my head … just a kick, there are no other words (((These bastards promised me that I could work safely with the crypt here, but there is no smell of security here. Ordinary sharaga! Will pay for account insurance, and as a result, the platform hung up and all the money disappeared. I started to find out from these scammers what happened and how to return it to me, but they pretend like they are not in business at all. In short, do not try to register here, let alone transfer them any money !!!

  2. Ax Crypto Wallet scammers! shameless creatures who cash in on trust … I invested everything I had and at first the balance increased. And as soon as I stopped depositing money, they blocked me. I started calling, and they began to come up with various excuses and try to get more money out of me, saying that either to pay the commission, or for something else. LIARS

  3. The real bastards! I invested well in their token. The manager Andrey contacted me via Skype and talked for a long time about this asset, showed the charts of its movement and convinced that all investors are now investing in it. I believed the plaque … First I bought them in the amount of 2000 dollars, and a week later I spent 3000 more, because the price was rising. A few days later I went to the office to look at the charts, and I had 500 dollars left on the balance. I called Andrey and he just killed me with his statement … he said they say the market collapsed and the price of the token was reduced to a minimum. He said that you can now switch to another crypt and make up for the loss by trading with it, they say deposit at least 1000 more.

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