4 thoughts on “CryptGet Review

  1. I have been using Cryptget almost since the very launch. I chose an online wallet for myself in terms of reliability and the number of available types of currencies. According to the number of available tokens, everything is super. from a legal point of view, the wallet is very anonymous and there is no data on the country of registration and the location of the head office. Feedback is available only in online chat after registration. In addition, the inconvenient cross-chain is embarrassing. The wallet functionality does not allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies from one chain for coins in another directly. Of the minuses, the lack of staking should be highlighted, passive income is also interesting. In general, the product is interesting, but there are many open questions. While I operate with small amounts, I will use it, we’ll see.

  2. He offered earnings under the freezing of funds on various cryptocurrency coins.
    I tried to work with him. But I still didn’t understand how to withdraw funds.

  3. Fraudsters daily create primitive crypto wallets to swindle the population, passing them off as reliable systems for storing and exchanging finances. One such primitive wallet created by crooks is the Cryptget system.

  4. Fraud!!! Adelina and Grigory invite people and give signals that people would put money into this wallet, when you ask why the bad reviews, they write that it is custom-made, a complete scam!!!

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