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CryptoUnit  Review


PHONE: +375 (29) 758-11-84

About company:

CryptoUnit is an investment company that has been operating since 2019. Its office is located in Switzerland. The project offers clients to invest in their own investment portfolio by acquiring native cryptocurrency. To do this, CryptoUnit launched its own blockchain. Project investors receive several types of payments: for staking, bonuses, due to the growth in the value of the token. The project invests the raised funds in gold, real estate, business and other assets. The company provides a profit of 150% per annum.

3 thoughts on “CryptoUnit  Review”

  1. Typical hype, nothing more. You don’t even have to register, when buying you are given information that can be easily found on free sites on the Internet, and even on Wikipedia. Everything is built on the classic affiliate program, with bonuses, turnover, refs, payouts, rewards. In short, the usual financial pyramid on cryptocurrency. In general, nothing new.

  2. As soon as the crypt began to grow again, this CryptoUnit scam came out again. He was already known like in the year 2019, but now he got out again, As soon as the cue ball began to conquer the tops again. The crypt will fall – scammers will lay low, the crypt will take off – scammers will crawl out of their holes.

  3. The connection of this project with the well-known scam Sky Way worries me a lot. And besides, in order to get at least some specific information on cooperation, what kind of courses, what profitability, guarantees, etc., it is necessary to register and become a participant in this project. Further, it is not clear why they need so many sites with information that also copy each other almost 1 to 1. It is possible, by the way, that site copies are phishing, it turns out that scammers are trying to rob and steal people’s data from other scammers. In addition, the project itself belongs to some incomprehensible offshore sharashka, which neither has a license, nor any open office or representative office, it is called – RSW INVESTMENT GROUP LTD. About little work experience, about the lack of regulators, about the Ponzi scheme and the MLM structure, well, I’m silent about the cryptocurrency itself. You understand.

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