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Exodus  Review


About company:

Exodus is a financial platform for the exchange, transfer and storage of crypto money, consisting of:
desktop wallet – a program for computer devices that supports more than 130 assets;
mobile application;
Trezor hardware wallet;
Exodus crypto applications.
Exodus Wallet in numbers:
It has been operating since 2015.
Supports about 100 kinds of coins.
The platform has passed 200+ updates.
Every 2 weeks there is a release of new software.
Technical support 24/7.
The Exodus app works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS. Just download and install the application. There is no registration or verification.
List of supported coins
Exodus Wallet provides access to 100+ coins: ZRX; Aragon (ANT); Augur (REP); Bancor (BNT); BAT (BAT); Bitcoin (BTC); Bitcoin Cash (BCH); Bitcoin Gold (BTG); Civic (CVC); Dash (DASH); Decree (DCR); District0x (DNT); Edgeless (EDG); EOS; ETH Classic (ETC); Ethereum (ETH); FirstBlood (1ST); Fun Fair (FUN); Gnosis (GNO); iExec RLC (RLC); Litecoin (LTC); Matchpool (GUP); Numeraire (NMR); OmiseGo (OMG); Status (SNT); WeTrust (TRST); Wings (WINGS), etc.
In addition to depositing and withdrawing money, the user can conduct online currency exchange in Exodus. The system also has a built-in exchange: you can buy and sell currencies without leaving your Exodus account.
How to use Exodus Wallet
On the website, the user can download the Exodus Wallet program, install it on a computer or smartphone. The installation process takes up to 3 minutes and runs automatically. The next step is to enter the program. The Portfolio tab contains basic information about the user, where you can also replenish the wallet. To do this, select the Send assets to well section, indicate which card or account you want to transfer from, deposit the amount and confirm the operation.
In the Wallet section, you can already replenish or withdraw cryptocurrency directly from your wallet. Here you can set the option to display the value of the cryptocurrency in fiat.
Exchange is a section for the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies among themselves. Operations are carried out at the market rate. Assets is a block for adding or removing cryptocurrencies. The Localization section is designed to select the fiat currency into which the amount on the account is automatically transferred. Themes is a category for personalizing the interface and widgets.
Sending and receiving money occurs through a unique generated address or QR code.
Exodus Wallet limits and fees
The transaction has a dynamic commission. It is calculated depending on the load of the service, sent to the miners for raising the operation in the queue. It cannot be changed or cancelled. At the same time, Exodus Wallet itself does not charge for its services, replenishment and withdrawal are free of charge (only a commission from the client bank or payment system is possible).
Exodus Wallet is a multi-currency wallet with the functions of an exchange and an exchanger. It supports both the most popular liquid coins as well as coins with low capitalization. Cryptocurrency owners should read the current reviews before conducting operations.

3 thoughts on “Exodus  Review”

  1. Means for deceiving users, threw 4000r (50 ustd). 0.2 MATIC immediately came to my account. And my funds were deducted immediately. I did not provide any data, I did not send anything to anyone. Except as an address for replenishment. I don’t understand how it was possible to hack without having any data. All in all, I highly recommend not using it. Written off and it is not clear how. Scam!

  2. I store the main part of the cryptocurrency on flash drives (Electrum – BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH. Exodus – several cryptocurrencies, mainly Dogecoin), on a laptop only Dogecoin Core.
    On one flash drive, when connected to which I disconnect from the Internet, long passwords are stored, periodically I change secret phrases, on the second the programs themselves, on the third, password-protected, everything that is on the 2 previous ones.
    So far, I haven’t seen any loss. I scatter the amounts over several crypto addresses, because craftsmen can intercept large transactions (there is even a database of large crypto addresses on the Internet). And money disappears even from bank accounts. Once upon a time with QIWI, money disappeared right before my eyes, support shrugged it off, I can’t enter Payer for 2 years, support sends to itself. In general, when working with finances, I treat finances without emotions.

  3. Those who are faced with the need to find out the fate of their lost money by contacting technical support will receive a long, lengthy instruction, from which it follows that you need to contact anywhere, but not to the technical support of the wallet itself.
    They have nothing to do with anything. Somewhere between the exchanger and the receipt on the wallet, several Monero coins pissed off. You will not find the ends, you can forget about your money. Very sad…
    I will not mention horse commissions for everything. It’s like that in every comment.
    In short, fuck these games, comrades

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