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Fingroup Review




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3 thoughts on “Fingroup Review”

  1. CAREFULLY!!!! They are scammers and scammers. They steal money. They promise 100% results. In fact, they do not even imitate activity. The allegedly appointed personal manager ignores all requests, it is not possible to obtain at least some information. As a result of the communication, the contract was terminated if …

  2. Fraudsters and swindlers. they promised to make refinancing convinced that they needed 100,000 for work. I took it to the MFI because the situation was difficult. but they convinced me that I would receive refinancing in 5 days. In 2 days I was invited to another office for…

  3. 3 years ago, the question arose of buying a home due to the birth of a second child. Before that, we lived with my wife and eldest son in a odnushka, which we inherited, the apartment was very spacious, but definitely not for four. IN…

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