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Curtain up for the second act! After its spectacular start with more than 400,000 visitors last year, IAA MOBILITY is setting course for 2023. Get ready for even more inspiring input, even more lively dialog and even more unforgettable experiences.

3 thoughts on “IAA MOBILITY Review”

  1. I am completely satisfied with this broker. Even the demo mode helped me understand a little how to work with the platform and generally learn how to work normally with a broker.

  2. The broker has solid limits. First of all, the docks definitely need registration data (passport) and attention to the check for paying bills for the WTF apartment .. And if the apartment is for your wife or parents? 000 traded for 2 weeks, 22,000 rubles were collected, the withdrawal was long and without docks, since there was no point in throwing checks for my wife. Well, I decided to drain the money stupidly. What? When I reached a certain amount of 1000 rubles more, I could not bet supposedly does not correspond to the status and 1 minute ahead I can bet a maximum of 1000 rubles per transaction (GENERALLY FOR 1 MINUTE MAXIMUM 1000 rubles). But this is just the beginning, I merge further and writes to me .You can’t make a bet not like a bankroll. That is, I can bet a maximum of 30% of the bank. And supposedly this is a security measure so that traders do not lose grandmas. But we understand that the broker stupidly insures himself if someone trades according to the martingale, then when it reaches a certain amount, he simply won’t be able to open a deal because the system won’t let him in. I asked a question in Tech support and received an answer if you want to increase the limits, replenish the balance from $ 1000. Also, the percentage has fallen for all the time while trading payments from 85% to 70% And then everything became clear. In general, a complete scam. Any other broker provides better conditions. In general, a scam.

  3. I recently started working with this broker, I don’t know about you, but it seemed to me somehow backward, an inconvenient platform, even the time frame is missing

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