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Libertex  Review


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About company:

Libertex has been operating since 1997. Registered in Cyprus. The project specializes in providing brokerage services. Libertex supports CFD trading based on fiat, cryptocurrencies, stocks, precious metals, commodities and energy assets. As a trading terminal, the broker uses a trading platform of its own design, as well as mobile and desktop versions of MT4 and MT5.

3 thoughts on “Libertex  Review”

  1. I have been cooperating in the Forex Club for many years and, in principle, I am satisfied with everything. But the constant paper advertising on the entrances and in the entrance itself is puzzling. Literally everything covered! This claim is probably not entirely to the company itself, it’s just strange for me. Why would a large and reputable company glue pieces of paper everywhere they go? Is it really impossible to throw your strength into targeting, for example, or contextual advertising. After all, flyers are not handed out from large companies. Shared, because for me this practice is puzzling.

  2. Forex platform has always attracted my attention. After all, in the CIS countries there are no opportunities for online currency trading, or even though there are, they are all projects that promise big earnings and easy money. Yes, today I wholeheartedly believed in the forex club, which, although difficult, provides an opportunity to earn money. Everything worked out only on a training account, and there I also received my virtual profit. As soon as I switched to a real account and made my first $100, I said goodbye to the money invested and received from trading. The project does not pay and probably never paid, I will not get involved in such projects anymore, that’s enough!

  3. All access to all instruments, all trading currencies, cryptocurrency – that’s all that says about the project. How can you create all the instruments at once on your platform? That is, you can invest in anything you want? So why is there no Sberbank? Alpha – bank, Tinkova? What kind of nonsense? Quotes are reflected for investors who are super successful and almost always make a profit. So far, for all the time of my work, I have not succeeded. Payments are delayed, and according to the news of the project, everything proceeds without any complaints about scams or delays. The impact of the project was negative.

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