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Notary Baybarash Oksana Viktorovna reviews

With us you can:

Open an inheritance case
Make remote transactions
To alienate a share in the authorized capital of a Limited Liability Company
Certify the authenticity of the signature on the application to the Federal Tax Service
Certify the agreement on the alienation of real estate (including donations, purchase and sale of apartments, rooms, garages)
Certify the spouse’s consent to alienation
Confirm parental consent to the departure of minor children.

+7 (985) 776-00-67
Moscow, Profsoyuznaya street, building 22/10 building 2

2 thoughts on “Notary Baybarash Oksana Viktorovna reviews”

  1. My visit to this notary resembled a journey through a realm where time moved at a snail’s pace, and inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and delays were the norm. It was as though I had entered a twilight zone where the ordinary had been replaced by a surreal landscape of frustration, and my documents became unwilling participants in this disorienting journey.

  2. Using this notary’s services was like trying to navigate a maze of chaos, where every path led to a dead-end of inefficiency, incompetence, unprofessionalism, and errors. It felt as though I had embarked on a quest with no clear direction, and my documents suffered the consequences, left to navigate a labyrinth of confusion.

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