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Qmall Review


Phone: +7 (999) 768-68-28

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 6, p.2

Email: [email protected]

About company:

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3 thoughts on “Qmall Review”

  1. Taking advantage of the political situation in the world, they stole money from the citizens of Belarus and Russia. It’s not professional. Initially invested in the project even before the conflict with RUSSIA. I have nothing against the citizens of Ukraine, but you are a bunch of rats and scammers. It will backfire on you.

  2. Do you think there are fascists all over the world who want only evil for you? A very strange wording, an incredible number of companies have stopped cooperating with you to the detriment of their own earnings, not because they are fascists, but because if you leave all the benefits of the civilized world to you, none of you will ever pay attention to what your government is doing, and the government in turn is the face of the people. And in fact, your criticism is not objective, you contradict yourself, first saying that you are against the war, at the same time inserting the phrase “Everything that is done by Russia is right.” There are also standard security measures for storing funds, no one can guarantee 100% protection of your funds on exchanges, therefore it is better to store them on desktop wallets, because no one is protected from hacker attacks, although the probability of such an outcome of events is extremely small, but still. Also, you did not mention that the funds are not blocked permanently, but temporarily. In general, why am I all this, just empty words on your part and nothing more.

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