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Worldcar Reviews


Tel.: 8-800-333-62-32

Cars from auctions and from dealers: from Japan from the USA from Korea from the Emirates (Dubai) from the Vladivostok

3 thoughts on “Worldcar Reviews”

  1. I recently stopped working on the site, with each payment there are more and more problems, respectively, it is delayed for a while, I will probably return to the old office

  2. These guys are scammers. They ask you to deposit all your money and never let you withdraw it. I personally lost money there. They will never refund your money… be careful…!

  3. I lost 10k with these scammers, please avoid them. They will intentionally drain your money or if you make money they won’t let you withdraw it. I’ve been trying to collect what’s left of my deposit for over a month. They don’t answer any emails.

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