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YuanPay Group  Review


About company:

A Chinese investment platform launched in 2021, YuanPay Group offers users the opportunity to invest in e-yuan. To do this, the project provides an application of its own design for trading cryptocurrencies. The YuanPay Group program includes AI-based algorithms for automated trading. The minimum investment amount is $250. The predicted profitability is up to 60% per day.

3 thoughts on “YuanPay Group  Review”

  1. The feeling that I became the target of this “company”, probably, like many other victims. My personal data has been leaked or sold to various databases. They send me text messages, they call me 10 times a day. My mistake was to register on their site and not read the privacy policy. I DO NOT use their services. I do not advise anyone to contact

  2. Despite all the formality of this trading bot, I would not recommend trading on it. I lost money. I didn’t understand the mechanics well, threw a lot of money, I can’t withdraw, I can’t contact technical support. I don’t know what to do, it’s better not to try to save your nerves and money.

  3. For some time I successfully traded on this platform and calmly withdraw funds to my cards. The money arrived within a day. A couple of weeks ago, something happened, delays began with the withdrawal. I have an impressive amount of money earned on this platform, I withdrew in small parts. And I can’t withdraw this amount. Deceivers!!! Tech support says they can’t help at the moment.

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